Welcome to Spodden Valley Revealed

This major project promises some transformational impacts for communities in the Whitworth area of Rossendale.  Spodden Valley Revealed is exploring the long timeline of human settlement there, through an engagement programme involving local people of all ages, and a range of exciting artist commissions. 

Thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, along with support from the Ernest Cook Foundation, Newground Together, Lancashire Environment Fund, Whitworth Town Council and Lancashire County Council, Spodden Valley Revealed will be a unique kind of visitor destination – a ‘string of pearls’ of historic sites, all signposted from the central cycling and walking route.  Both our engagement programme and the interpretation of these sites will involve a range of exciting opportunities for artists.

This blog will list opportunities to get involved, plus share some of the stories as they are revealed, check the Menu for posts.  You can find out more about the project on the Mid Pennine Arts’ website.



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