Skyline Audio Beacons

As part of Spodden Valley Revealed, Mid Pennine Arts have worked with the organisers of the Whitworth Skyline Walk, Whitworth Heritage Museum, artists and local experts, to create an audio collection, telling the story of the landscape.

The stories are told by Dr Whitworth – who narrates the ancient heritage of the Valley from pre-history through to the unique stories of sites such as the Cotton Famine Road.

On the day of the Skyline Walk, in 2019 it’s on 12 May, there will be 12 flags across the route, designed by artist, Wendy Meadley.  The flags are a prompt to listen to the corresponding audio file.

There will also be a helpful and beautifully illustrated map* designed by artist, Cath Ford.  This indicates the audio flag locations as well as illustrating some of the stories you will hear.

(*Please note that if you go on the walk on your own there is no right of way through Greenbrow Farm (point 6). The farmer gives special permission for the Skyline Walk event only. Instead at this point you should follow the public right of way on the hillside to your right.)

Skyline Walk Audio

The audio files are hosted by SoundCloud, you can listen online, click on the link below:


However,  we suggest that prior to the walk you download the audio files onto your phone or device to ensure that you can listen to them, even if you can’t get a signal or wifi!  There’s more information about downloading below.

As you walk the route you simply need to play the track when you reach the corresponding numbered flag on the route.  Track One and Flag One, and so on.

Grateful thanks to The Whitworth Veterans Band for allowing us to use their music on the audio.

Downloading the Audio

SoundCloud is free to use, however you can only listen to audio online, which is reliant on the quality of reception.   If you sign up for a paid SoundCloud Go account, you can also download tracks to listen off line within the app.  SoundCloud offers a free 7 day trial for this account,  and accounts can be cancelled at anytime.  You can find all the details about SoundCloud accounts here*.  This page also has links to the SoundCloud Apps for Apple and Android phones.

We have also loaded the files onto Clyp, and these can be downloaded for free, although we have found that the quality is not as good as SoundCloud.  Click here for the audio.

If you need further information on how to download sound files to your device, you might find these links useful*:  Apple Products   Android Phones 

*MPA has provided these links in the hope that the information on the websites is useful. MPA has no control over, and is not responsible for, the content of these sites.


No doubt you’ll have lots to carry for a 14 mile walk, but do make sure not to forget your audio device and your headphones!

We know how engaging Dr Whitworth can be, so do please be careful and remain aware of your surroundings and footings whilst listening to the audio.   Mid Pennine Arts will not be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur whilst listening to the audio files.

For the benefit of other walkers, please wear headphones to listen to the audio.

There will be feedback forms available at the end of the walk, we would very much appreciate it if you could answer a couple of questions to help us improve this type of experience for the broader Spodden Valley Revealed project.

For further information about the project and for help with the audio – please email Diana.

You can also find out more about the project on our website.

There is more information about the walk here.

Have a great time!

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