Spodden Valley Throwback… The Characters of Whitworth

We have recently been contacted by the wonderful Naomi Kenyon – a member of the Spodden Valley Revealed steering group and teacher at St John with St Michael Primary School in Whitworth. Naomi wanted to share these fantastic images of students from her school last year, investigating Spodden Valley Revealed character bags.  These were introduced by MPA to local schools, to encourage their pupils to explore the history and the stories embedded in their local landscape.

The bags ‘belong’ to characters connected to that local history… The items they hold, and the bags themselves, hold clues to the identities of the owners and their stories. Cath Ford, artist and arts facilitator, introduced the bags to the classes and suggested creative tools to help them research and present their findings.

Did they discover the bronze age secrets that the valley holds, and the identity of the owner of the archeological tools and finds? Who are the mysterious Doctors of Whitworth, and what scary looking tools and methods did they use to treat their patients? And who can forget the heroic image of the famous female pack horse driver, Ailse O’Fussers, and her much-loved donkey, roaming Limersgate and the snow-covered pack horse trails?

spodden valley posters ICT (3)

This content will all be released digitally for schools and communities to explore in the coming months – with access to creative learning materials. So you too can look back into the mists of time, and discover more about the rich and unique stories of the Spodden Valley…

spodden valley posters ICT (10)

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